About us

Tate and Tess Family PhotoWelcome to Tate and Tess. We are Lance and Sierra. Our Journey began 5 years ago when we had our first son Tate.  We adored
and enjoyed dressing our little boy.  As he grew older we soon got tired of all the typical  trains, planes, and puppy clothing.  We searched for some classy, neutral-colored clothing that was budget friendly ... but found they were hard to find without spending lots of $$$.

 We began designing our own styles that we thought would look good on our little boy, but shortly there after we found out we were having a girl.  We then added some girl designs, but found out that our darling daughter, Tessa, looked just as cute in our gender-neutral clothes.  We worked tirelessly to perfect our clothing designs and are very happy with the final product. 



These clothes are the perfect lounging around at home, but still pair well with some cute hightops or a bright pink bow! Without much effort, your kids look ready and stylish for a day running errands, going to the park, or out on the town.The fabric we use is super soft and very durable. The design is classy and comfortable. And the price won’t break the bank!  

 We recently had triplets! Two girls and a boy surprised us, but we have loved dressing them in our cozy Rompers and blankets.  We are so excited to share this journey with you, and hope you enjoy our clothing as much as we and our kiddos do!